Dropped Passes

I absolutely love college football. Honestly, if I was left unmonitored on a Saturday, I would watch college football all day. And as an avid football fan, there’s one thing that drives me up the wall: missed assignments, particularly dropped passes. The coaches call the perfect play, the ball is snapped correctly, the offensive line blocks the defenders, the receiver runs the right route, and the quarterback makes the right read. Everything works like clockwork; everyone has a job to do. But when it really counts, the receiver (whose main job is to receive) drops the ball. All of the practice and effort is wasted in one moment. If you’re not into football, let’s put it this way; how stressful is it to plan for a family vacation? You rented a nice hotel, you’ve bought the airline tickets, and you’ve gotten off of work for that week. But, at the last minute, something happens that is beyond your control, and your vacation is no more. Frustrating, right? What if we, as Christians, did all the work (we read the Bible, we went to church, we filled our lives with good works), only to drop the ball at the end? Imagine all of that time and energy wasted. Let’s make sure we’re applying what we’ve learned to our lives so that we will be welcomed into heaven in the end (cf. Matt. 7:21).